How Yoga Changed My Habits

Find Your Flow Connecting life journeys to Yoga sounded so “new age” to me…what did that even mean? So many people, and by so many, I really just mean me, were turned off by yoga and its philosophy at first because it seemed like it either meant you were joining some weird hippie cult or summoning … [Read more…]

How To Find Balance

The other night, I watched a TedTalk by Justine Musk – “The art of the deep yes”. In it, she spoke about saying “No” to certain things that take up too much energy and being more selective about how you share and direct your energy. Which got me thinking…or overthinking…about how I balance and my … [Read more…]

Getting Back on Track

Getting back on track after pregnancy, surgery, recovery time and adjusting to a brand new lifestyle of sleepless nights, countless diaper changes, and a thousand kisses a day because I cannot get enough of his cute face.  The struggle is real. I have no time for anything, I barely sleep, I can never finish a … [Read more…]

Forever A Student

We just wrapped up our fourth weekend of Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and thoughts have been swirling through my mind since. These past few weeks, I have been beating myself up for many things; not doing well the first time I practice taught, feeling like I’m not cut out for this yoga teacher thing, not … [Read more…]