Live, Don’t just exist (Part 2)

OK, so I finally wrote my part 2. A continuation from an article I wrote earlier; Live Don’t Just Exist Part 1 about the importance of living with intention, choosing each moment and taking action. It took me a while to put this second piece together mainly because I wanted to think through the actual … [Read more…]

How to Get What You Truly Want

The other night, my husband and I talked about our top 3 happiest moments. I’m not talking about a whole period of time, like when you were carefree children or party animals in college. I’m talking about 3 specific moments attached to a specific event where you recall feeling the happiest. I had so many … [Read more…]

Live, Don’t Just Exist (Part 1)

“Stop thinking life is happening to you and start believing it is happening for you” I never thought I would be writing these posts about cliché quotes I read while scrolling through Instagram. But lately, I have been thinking a lot about living intentionally and living with a purpose. And I opened with my disclaimer … [Read more…]

Shift Your Reality

Ever stop and wonder “why is this happening to me?” Whatever it is. Good or bad. A lot of what you’ve done repeatedly in the past and what you’ve thought about consistently has shaped the reality you are experiencing today. So be sure everything you do and think about is guiding you to who and … [Read more…]

Navigating Emotions

This Post was also featured on Sivana Spirit 🙂 Spectrums Sometimes I like to sit back and just observe people. I feel like I can almost see their emotions exude from them, like if I close my eyes and cover my ears I can actually feel what they are saying rather than hearing it or seeing … [Read more…]