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  2. Michelle

    How often would you recommend doing yoga for beginners, 3 x per week? Do you do it on a daily basis? Curious about your routine from when you started to now.

    • Alice

      For me, I gradually increased the days per week overtime, it took me a little while to find my groove. Everything from the instructor, to the studio setup, could either inspire me or make it feel like a chore. It wasn’t until the 3rd studio that I went to that I really started falling in love (about 1 year in total). So I started with once a week and went to twice a week (because it could get expensive too). Eventually, I started a home practice as well as going to the studio, either by finding something on youtube, or really just stretching specific muscles I felt needed the attention. The past year or so I have been practicing daily at home. Even if it’s for 10 minutes to stretch something or some balance poses to calm me down.

      If you found a studio and instructor you like, I would go at least twice a week at the beginning. After one month of that you will certainly notice a difference. 🙂

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