1. Alana

    So well Said Alice! It’s been so hard to read the mean and demeaning taunts about this one woman as if that makes it okay to be degrading to someone else bc they stood up for their beliefs. I’ve read so much about how she should of stood up for troops instead, (with a Google search you can see she has already done that) people forget she’s a black woman standing up for black rights, is that so crazy? It’s soley bc of what her name means to the world. And you’re right, it does and should move us to stand up for what we believe in! Great post!

    • Alice

      I’ve seen those headlines, and they drive me crazy. If she were to stand up for the troops, then someone else will come back and say she should have stood up for animal rights. You can’t win with people. You can only win with yourself. You’ll go crazy if you try to satisfy everyone, so as long as she continues to follow what she believes in, at least she’ll stay true to herself.

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